Why Network?

The Importance of Networking & Why you should try it

There are plenty of reasons why networking is important.
From the obvious, like it gets you in front of more people and increases the chances of finding your clients and increasing your income. (If you know which kinds of events to go to and where to find them, of course!)
Or that you can more easily find other resources like potential investors, co-founders and
Even receiving valuable feedback on your idea and whether or not you have an effective
way of talking about your work, or elevator pitch if you want to use the proper terms!
To the more subtle opportunity to learn how to develop and nurture relationships, and to
grow and develop yourself.

Relationships are our biggest assets and teachers. Not only can we receive some amazing
things through relationships, like money and clients, they can also teach us a lot about
ourselves and the world that we find ourselves in, if you are open to it.
As humans we need relationships to live and have fulfilling lives, and networking is nothing more than making connections to build relationships.
Research shows that if someone you know, or someone within your network, increases
their income or their weight, then there is a chance that you will too! The converse is also
So our networks have the potential to help or hinder us! If you want to achieve anything in
business (or life) then surrounding yourself with people you want to emulate is vital.
Just knowing people who are progressing in the way you desire can increase your
chances of getting to where you want to go! Of course youʼve got to actually connect with
them for that to happen though!

Thatʼs why itʼs worth it to get out there and see who you can meet! If you want support with that let me know!

Blog post by Mary Jane Boholst

Mary Jane Boholst has been speaking at City Business Library for over 5 years.
Her monthly talks consist of The secrets to the perfect elevator pitch and Successful networking for entrepreneurs.
Visit http://www.conscious-cocoon.co.uk for more information. Alternatively take a look at our events page to see when she’s in the Library next.


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