5 steps to Grow Your Business Team

We all want the best for our team and the best team for our company. But you’d be surprised at the number of business owners that don’t have a clear set of values for hiring, motivating, promoting and letting go.

Read these 5 simple tips from Duncan Parkes, DDS Advisory, to learn how to grow an effective team for your business:

1.) Constantly look out for talent

Don’t wait for a vacancy, keep an eye out for talented people who would add value to your business ALL THE TIME, in business situations, in social situations, in the coffee shop.

2.) Hire for Attitude

Unless your business involves building or maintaining rockets, business isn’t rocket science. Hire people you want to spend time with, who are interested and interesting, and make sure they have demonstrated a curiosity about you and your business.  Genuine interest not just ‘fake for interview’ interest.  Get a second opinion from someone you trust and value.

3.) Don’t motivate, just get out of the way

There are countless books on ‘motivating’ people. The truth is, you can’t motivate people, they can only motivate themselves.  You can however block that motivation, by forgetting to say, “thank you”, by expecting too much, or allowing your petty hang ups to get in the way.

4.) Cut your losses

Not everyone in your team will be right for your business. The business may change, the individual may change, or maybe you made a bad hiring decision.  Spend a little time trying to resolve and improve the situation, but if you fail, let them go with dignity, a fair pay off and best wishes for a better future.

5.) Promote and Play the Long Game

Most of your hires will be successful, keep them interested and interesting by giving them more opportunity, stretch them but reward them fairly, either in your business or another business altogether.

And why would you help them get a better job elsewhere? So, you can hire them back in the future, with broader experience, and in time for them to perhaps take the reins from you. In this way, you can be proud of the legacy you are passing on.

If you would like to learn more about “Growing Your Business Team,” in a way that ensures your businesses success, please join Duncan at City Business Library on the 13th September or the 17th October.

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