How to Improve Confidence and your Business

As an introverted entrepreneur,  I have struggled in various ways with allowing myself to be seen in a bigger way and putting myself out there more in my business. Most recently it was when it came to being more visible on social media using Facebook live. The discomfort I felt at pushing myself out of my comfort zone resulted in a contraction that caused me to go back to the smaller place of not being seen.

While for me it is getting consistent with doing Facebook live videos, for you it may be making sales calls or attending networking events or speaking to more and bigger groups. Maybe even all of the above! However, if you are struggling with generating income in your business and you are an introverted entrepreneur, then check in and see where you are hiding in your business.

What activities are you avoiding? How can you make them easier and more enjoyable?

Often we avoid taking action because we are afraid but as I have found, if we were to do that action for someone else, it would be much easier. In the early days of my business I hated making phone calls, specifically sales calls. I knew that I needed to get used to calling people if I was going to make my business work though. I discovered that it would be easier if I was making calls for someone I cared about, when a friend of mine asked me to make calls for her. Within a few months I was able to get comfortable making sales calls and started to comfortably make phone calls for myself instead!

Mary Jane Boholst


Stop hiding! The world needs you and your brilliance!

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  1. Very interesting solution to solving that type of problem Well Done


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