How to overcome overwhelm in your business

Running your own business is amazing and yet sometimes it can be very frustrating when there is just so much to do. You may find yourself drowning in long to-do lists, your head buzzing with lots of ideas and wondering where to start. You are constantly being pulled in all sorts of different directions, jumping from one project to another without finishing any.

Some of the biggest obstacles to productivity are lack of focus, direction, motivation and planning.

It’s much easier to manage your time effectively when you know where you are going and what you need to focus on.

So, when you feel like you are just spinning your wheels but not going very far, it’s time to assess how you spend your time. This is exactly the moment to hit the pause button and ask yourself:

  1. What is important to me in my life?
  2. What are my priorities?
  3. What is holding me back when it comes to progressing with my business?
  4. What do I love doing and what am I really good at?
  5. What am I spending my time and energy on that isn’t adding value to my business right now?

Pressing the pause button when you are already drowning in so much work may feel counterproductive, but this is exactly when doing this exercise is most valuable.

It’s about re-evaluating how you invest your most valuable and limited asset: Your Time!

Being able to prioritise and structure your day in a way that ensures your time and energy are optimised is paramount for sustainable success and moving your business forward.

I will be sharing practical tools and techniques on how to reduce overwhelm and distractions, prioritise effectively and beat procrastination during my seminar on Time Management: Focus on What Matters Most in Your Business on 5th December 2017.

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In the meantime, think about what difference being more productive will make to your life?

Here are the stories of other freelancers and business owners who have taken action to propel their businesses while creating a lifestyle they love: Results achieved by people like you

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Make 2018 the year you propel your business and yourself!


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