Stop chasing the Shiny Penny and create a plan for your business success this year

 Do you get all fired up at the start of the year and then before you know it, you find yourself overwhelmed by everything there is to do in your business? Perhaps you find yourself working long hours without getting all that much done.

We’ve just had Blue Monday – allegedly the most depressing day of the year because it’s when people feel the most brunt following the festive period euphoria and indebtness from the spending, to top it off your New Year’s resolutions are failing and your motivation is heading south.

So, what can you do to avoid this trap of spinning your wheels and constant overwhelm so that you can progress in your business successfully?

Take some time out of your hectic day to:

  • Create an enticing vision for your business and your lifestyle that will help you keep going when it gets seriously tough and you will feel like giving up.


  • Set inspiring goals and outcomes that you can actually achieve. Far too many people set these amazing goals that are way out of their reach and eventually they give up because of the huge overwhelm. Did you know that your motivation gets fuelled by your achievements and it keeps you going? So, it really does make sense to create goals and outcome that stretch you but are still achievable.


  • Plan and structure your day and week for optimal results. A lot of time gets wasted just being busy. Learn what will make the biggest difference in your business so that you can focus your time and energy on that.


The reason why many business owners drift from one thing to another or are constantly chasing the shiny penny is because of the lack of direction, structure, and plan of action.

When you have a structured plan in place on how to follow through with your vision and take action steps on a regular basis coupled with the right support in place, you will be less likely to suffer from the Shiny Penny Syndrome and that’s when you will see real progress and success in your business.

I will be sharing practical tools and techniques on how to create your vision, set goals, mitigate the Shiny Penny Syndrome and reduce overwhelm by prioritising your time effectively during my seminar on Business Planning for SUCCESS in 2018.

Find out more and book your place:

In the meantime, think about what difference being more organised will make to your life?

Here are the stories of other freelancers and business owners who have taken action to propel their businesses while creating a lifestyle they love: Results achieved by people like you

My gift New Year’s gift to you is a personalised one-to-one complimentary 60-minute Productivity Insight Consultation to discuss your particular circumstances. I am offering 3 spaces on a first come-first served basis before 30 January. Email to book your slot.

Make 2018 the year you propel your business and yourself!


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