Researching Global Markets

Author, Wendy Foster
Business Librarian/Start-Up Adviser

In an ever-changing world the information you have can really boost your business by giving you access to what is happening right now and what is forecast to happen.

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With Brexit on everyone’s mind, we understand the need for up to date and accurate data and hold information that can really help you with your import/export business – at whatever stage you are at, whether you are pre-start up or established and looking to grow.

City Business Library subscribes to a range of specialist online resources with current information to help with your import/export business. Below is a brief outline of some of what you will find:

IBISWorld not only has detailed market research and industry profiles, but it also has a separate section on ‘UK Brexit Impact Statements’, which are continuously added to, as and when information is available.

Passport and MarketLine both contain a vast array of industry reports worldwide which contain references to Brexit, and Statista has a huge amount of statistics on how Brexit has impacted so far on different industry sectors.

Exporters Almanac contains links to many useful support services, such as supply chain solutions, customs and tariffs, tax, rating agencies, international banks and insurance, and so much more. It also provides country profiles, so you can see likely impacts on the country/ies you are trading with or thinking of trading with. It also has a section specifically on Brexit

Integrated Tariff sets out the duties and measures affecting the import, export and transit of goods to and from the UK. The UK Tariff consolidates UK specific data with the EU TARIC data.

Global Trade Tracker contains detailed commodity trade statistics (value, volume, price) covering 99 countries with monthly and yearly data from 2002 to date.

Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports covers nearly 200 countries with profile data, including economics, politics, business, policies, and more, all of which may impact on international trade. It also has forecasts on hard and soft commodities.

We also have resources, Mint Global and Fame, to find company contacts worldwide, with access to over 160 million active companies, including UK importers/exporters.

As online resources these are always kept up to date, and you can use these resources to help you make informed decisions to start or develop your business. We do also have trade journals and seminars at the Library, and staff are always on hand to help you identify which resource/s can help you with your individual business needs.

The information contained in the Library’s resources is detailed, accurate, current and expensive! So why not come and use them for free at the City Business Library and really benefit from all the amazing data that can support you throughout your business journey.

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