How to benefit from attending Business Shows?

Whether you are a business owner, new or established entrepreneur, professional or student, there are many advantages to attending a business show. Attending business shows can open many doors if you have the right aptitude for it. So here is how you can make the most of attending a business show for your business or personal development.

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First let’s talk about networking. Networking is one of the biggest benefits of attending business shows. Through networking you will have the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and peers in the same industry where you can share knowledge and tips about your industry. This can help increase your work motivation and improve work processes by being around other people in a similar trade. Networking at business shows also help you find potential clients, business partners or people to collaborate with which is essential to the growth of any small business.

Business shows and exhibitions also offer a platform for you to promote your service or business and boost your personal brand. You can’t get anywhere in business unless you get your name out there – and with the increasing business use of social media, building your digital brand has never been more important. Talking to different people at events like this may also give you the opportunity to find potential angel investors or venture capitalists who help small start-ups by injecting capital in exchange for convertible debt or owner equity.

Attending business shows also helps you with your personal developments through talks, seminars, presentations and workshops delivered by expert speakers. You can stay on top of industry trends by keeping up-to-date with industry news and developments through seminars, reports and promotional materials available at the shows. You yourself may also be invited to other events or workshops which help increase your visibility by presenting or speaking to an audience.

Another advantage of attending business shows is to check out what your competitors are doing by visiting their stands. You can find out what new tools and technologies are in the pipeline, any useful techniques or processes being designed, industry best practices and standards, and other information.

The City Business Library attends the Excel and Olympia business show each year, meeting lots of new entrepreneurs and small businesses that could really do with our support. Majority of the business shows in London are free to attend, there is the big one we mentioned above but you can also find smaller local ones which may also be beneficial.

Author: Leo Henry – Business Librarian, CBL


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