Business with an environmental objective

City Business Library (CBL) caught up with Lorraine Bell, Commercialisation Manager at Clean Growth UK, a Research England funded programme being run by the University of Brighton, working with business growth and development.

Clean Growth UK works with any business with an environmental objective developing their innovations and helping them to see how their ideas might be commercialised.  Clean Growth UK has helped businesses as varied as a medical waste disposal company evaluate how best to reduce their environmental impact and an environmental assessment company use computer modelling to predict flood risks.

Clean Growth UK is very focused on those businesses currently having to pivot, helping them to build back to where they were and then work on future proofing their operations.  All businesses are working towards becoming Net Zero organisations.

Lorraine Bell, Commercialisation Manager at Clean Growth UK

Lorraine signposts businesses to CBL and encourages them to use practical information available through Cobra* to help construct their business model and the market research data to explore opportunities and support their funding applications.

Lorraine’s one piece of advice for small businesses?  “Complete something like the Business Model Canvas before starting to fully understand how your business is going to operate.”  Planning is key to ensuring a business’s survival, helping to identify markets and carry out financial modelling.

City Business Library takes pride in the businesses we support. We love to hear about new businesses, especially businesses supporting sustainability in the environment. Small businesses like Clean Growth UK, can benefit from the range of business data available in CBL by becoming a cbl member or learn more about starting a business and Business Model Canvas by joining one of seminars.

*Cobra is a database available in the City Business Library that allows small businesses to research their business ideas through other businesses and their tried and tested methods. The database can provide you with industry and keyword information to help you make better decisions when trying to grow your business.

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