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Author Amanda Patterson, Business Research Officer

This series of articles will explore the experience of Black Founders in London, from their initial experiences and exposures to business life in London, how London is growing and changing around them and how Black owned businesses are naturally contributing to building equal opportunities in Londons business landscape.

Jaz Broughton, an entrepreneur in London.

Jaz is a career success coach with years of experience helping those in tech to create a fulfilling career that grows with personal development and self-awareness as the keys. As a proud multi-hyphenate working in tech and founder of coaching business, Jaz enables individuals to believe and create the things they never thought were possible. Be it a thriving career, successful side-hustle and everything in between, through challenge, genuine understanding and practical tools I bring both empowerment and enablement through coaching, talks, workshops and courses. I do this because I believe we deserve much more than we realise; we deserve growing careers that support and enhance our lives. Careers that are abundant, aligned and impactful. We just have to admit we want it and do the work to create it!

Growing up in Herne Hill, Jaz visited Londons bright glittery streets from an early age, jumping into the family Fiat to drive into London to pick up her Mom from work in Oxford Street. In the days before the congestion charge, the family outings felt like going into another world. Jaz would try to swivel her head 360-degrees to try to take in all the views and splendour of the city.

Growing up, Jaz always knew she wanted to work in the city. She pictured herself wearing smart clothes, carrying her important papers in her smart satchel and riding elevators in tall shiny buildings. She pictured herself being swallowed by these large buildings, the epicentre of where business-gets-done!

As Jaz grew up her imagination of working in London became a reality, except for the smart clothes – Jaz went into the tech industry and found herself in stylist slogan tees and converse trainers.

For Jaz, London continually recreates itself, where big business dominated – smaller independent businesses are taking up space. Tech businesses and start-ups are starting to challenge traditional working practices and creating the future for business; this needs to include a change in the way that London businesses value under-estimated groups.

“London needs to invest in education, social-services and funding opportunities for those without the bank of Mom and Dad to help launch them into the career or start the business they are dreaming about.” Says Jaz, “Londons companies and spaces need to look as diverse as it’s streets and create more inclusive spaces for those who are Black, Asian, LGBTQIA, Disabled or female.”

Black owned businesses naturally contribute to building this vision of London businesses as they tend to run with diversity at their core. Jaz feels that Black owned businesses help to challenge the systems we currently operate in – where under-valued yet amazing women, people of colour and disable people are under-represented.  “Using our economic decisions to build more of the London and the World that we want to see is even more important than sending a supportive tweet.” Says Jaz.

“Our ancestors built this City, somehow we still end up outside and fighting for a crumb from the table. Many of us have stopped fighting for the crumbs and are building our own tables – this presents a great opportunity to continue to fund, support and resource diverse entrepreneurs and businesses.”

Jaz found that her network was incredibly important in building her business. In the early days, Social Networking ended up being invaluable, now Jaz is a member of organisations such as YSYS, Found and Flourish, RealWork and Ada’s List. “Being a part of these networks reminds me that although I am a solo founder, I am not alone.” Says Jaz.

For Jaz, remembering that everything is always subject to change has helped her stay focused on her missions, values. “I choose when and how I work with people, while always trying to innovate and create an ever-more impactful experience”, says Jaz. Maintaining her focus means that the products and services naturally follow. “The worse thing any business can do is bring a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.”

What does success look like for Jaz?  “Working with over 1000 people in meaningful and life-changing ways. Everything I do is about empowering and enabling others in a real-talk, clear and caring way.

And showing up, as a coach, delivering workshops, working one on one and speaking on stages to challenge people to rethink what is truly possible for their careers and lives. We deserve more, but often we must first understand that to believe it.”

Jaz will be doing a special seminar with City Business Library on the 21st of October 2020 “Starting your side hustle“, tickets are free.

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