Break the mould! My Hair by Mya

Author Mya Faulkner

Mya is a freelance mobile hairdresser, with two children at home and no close contact services allowed – she is currently on pause. She talks to us about the benefits of being her own boss and being a business owner through a pandemic.

Stock image of a hairdresser demonstrating the new normal post covid19.

The benefits of being my own boss allows me to have time each day to work on my own vision, without distractions. I reap all the rewards for my hard work and never have the feeling of being undervalued.

Through the pandemic close contact services have stopped multiple times. It has been so important for me to keep a positive mindset and see the opportunities that I can take while not carrying out hairdressing services. Being my own boss I understand there’s so much more involved than just providing my services. This time has been the perfect time to look at my accounts, do audits and stock check, spend time on research and marketing my business, this was also a perfect opportunity for me to development myself with further education through virtual events so I can provide my clients new services when things open up again. 

I have balanced my work / life routine as I know multi-tasking with the kids home schooling can be stressful, so from 9am-3pm I’m all theirs and then from there I am working in and around them, finally giving myself some me time with a few solid hours once they are in bed. 

I think what I have found as a barrier being a female starting a business, was that a lot of people assumed it was just a hobby or for pocket money! A lot people expected me to work for free or off discounts. The stereotype of being a mum to young children couldn’t possibly mean I was a determined business woman! I had to find confidence to show everyone who I really was and this takes time and hard work! I feel as a woman starting a business, it can take more time to become established in comparison to a man. I would encourage every woman pursuing their dreams, to believe in yourself and I will be teaching my daughter that her talents will be her business, not her luck”

This article was written as part City Business Library’s International Women’s Day campaign 2021. This year we want to support more people like Mya get their business started and grow. Our business databases can give you information and data that can help you with advertising, market research, company information, and industry factsheets. If you have already taken the plunge, we would love for you to join us at a seminar, our workshops cover digital marketing, business model canvas and planning, demystifing taxes and intellectual property to name a few. Visit our events page or website for more information.

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