Positive Bunch – Starting a Social Enterprise with a mission

Are you a social enterprise, or thinking of setting up one?  Then read on to hear about Positive Bunch.

Positive Bunch has a clear commitment statement: Positive Bunch ethos is that we want to focus-on; and maximize the impact of social-good. We choose to reinvest our resources and funds into helping local communities, social causes and environmental initiatives.  Being a Positive Bunch Member means together we can help spread a little bit of Sunshine to others and in some cases; help turn a negative into a positive!

Sara Allen from Positive Bunch explains it is a not-for-profit social-enterprise initiative, that provides a community-based platform that can help connect people from around the world. 

A great tip for anyone looking to set up a social enterprise is to get straight onto Social Enterprise UK as they are not only a global authority for social enterprise, but they also have the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK and a huge amount of support for anyone with or starting a social enterprise.

Positive Bunch is a project reaching out to support people and reduce isolation, and you will realise from the information on their website that they do a lot of research, checking reports and statistics that demonstrate the need for such support.  It isn’t just a gut-feeling on their part, they research to help them best identify what they can do to support people where it’s needed.  It is a great source to find signposts to specialist organisations depending on someone’s circumstances, so they again have clearly done a lot of research to identify these sources to help others.

They raise funds to support their ongoing support and projects, so if you are thinking of starting up a social enterprise, don’t forget that you need to make sure you are in a position to be able to generate funds to cover costs.  Again, the Social Enterprise UK website is a great place to get advice.  You will also find advice on steps to take to set up a social enterprise from the ‘Cobra’ database that you can get remote access to with a City Business Library membership.  Cobra in this instance stands for Complete Business Reference Adviser.

You can contact the Positive Bunch via email or their website. You can also connect to find out more about their activities through Instagram and Facebook.

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