How your workspace can impact your success!

Our workspace can have a bigger impact than we might realise on our ability to focus and work. Not having a good workspace can make us less productive because we get distracted or uncomfortable, which creates stress when we can’t meet our deadlines. Stress can have both long- and short-term consequences for your health and it is also hard to be creative while feeling stressed.

As an entrepreneur, being productive and creative are vital to achieving business goals – so we believe having a good workspace helps you move your business forward!

We have been working hard to create a new environment for our entrepreneurs that we can’t wait to share with you, but before telling you more… 

We thought we might inspire you with some benefits of having a good workspace: 

Improves productivity 

A well-designed workspace can help you stay focused and motivated. This includes having the right lighting and ergonomically designed furniture. Working in the right conditions reduces fatigue, both from having appropriate amounts of light and from being able to sit and work comfortably. It is also important that the space is clean and organised, as this makes it easier for you to find what you need and complete tasks more efficiently. If you don’t know where to start, here’s some inspiration for making your space work for you.

Different tasks might require different environments, but having a quiet space to work in when you need to do focused work will also help you get more demanding tasks done quicker and with less stress. 

Health benefits 

Since a good workspace reduces your stress levels, it can have positive impacts on your health. Long-term stress can lead to muscle pains, headaches, memory problems, higher blood pressure and higher risk of heart disease, mental illness, and more. A good workspace can make you feel less stressed, and increased productivity and creativity will help you cope with periods of high workload.  

The furniture and lighting in your workspace also have an impact on your health. Having ergonomically designed furniture can reduce the risk of developing pains and aches, and adequate lighting can prevent eye strain and headaches.  

Boosts creativity 

Your workspace also influences your creativity. When you are less stressed and more happy, you can focus and produce ideas more easily. Additionally, a space that is visually stimulating can help you feel inspired. If you have the opportunity, you could decorate your workspace with items that inspire you, such as motivational quotes, art, or plants.  

Giving yourself a change of scenery can inspire creativity, as can interacting with other people, so sometimes you might want to find a different workspace as opposed to staying in your usual one. 

It might be worth thinking about how you can use different parts of your home or office to create movement or zones. You might have your desk to work from your laptop but choose to sit somewhere else to take a call.

Enhances professionalism 

A professional-looking workspace can help you make a good impression on clients and investors. If you work from home, make sure that you have an appropriate background and that you can hold your meetings with as few distractions as possible.  

Take a look at some of these to inspire you, it’s a great way to showcase hobbies and creative parts of your business like a shop window.

Increases motivation 

A well-designed workspace can also increase your motivation. When you have a workspace that you enjoy spending time in, you will be more motivated to work. And if your workspace allows you to be more productive, you will be motivated to continue working by the results that you see! 

Using the Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre’s workspace 

If you have just started your business, you’re probably mostly working from home, so make sure that you have a tidy, well-organised, and comfortable environment dedicated to your work at home.
However, we also know that sometimes you might want a change in scenery or need a space to sit for a few hours between client meetings.
On days like that, you can pop in and use SBREC’s free, flexible workspace which is equipped to help you be productive and creative. The space will give you free use of Wi-Fi, and if you need business guidance or market research support we are on hand!

For those of you who need more – we also have meeting and event spaces available which you can hire depending on your needs.

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