3 Ways to Transform Your Blog into an Authority Star in 2022

Gergana Dimitova is the Co-founder and managing director of content writing platform Writers Website. In this blog she shares three ways you can transform your business blog!

In a world of infinite information and more than 500 million blogs worldwide (that’s right!), many platforms want to be an authority. But only a few are on top of their game. Why?

Authority blog or authority website is a leading source of information that people use because of its reliable and trustworthy information. For example, if I want to check the weather, I will go to BBC weather directly, rather than Google “London weather”. If I want information on email marketing trends and tips, I will jump directly to the HubSpot blog, rather than ask Google.

So how do you turn your blog from a bunch of articles into an authority star?

In this post, Gergana shares three tips to help your blog content stand out in 2022.

1.   Provide content that builds trust

Content writing these days is about building lasting and loyal relationships with your audience, so trust is the backbone of your voice as a blogger. Regardless of the nuts and bolts of your industry, you need to be able to offer content that gives value and contains well-researched, plausible, and accurate information. 

One of the best ways to make sure that your content is up to a standard is to follow Google’s E-A-T guidelines. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (see Figure 1). Since 2018, Google made some additions that carried significant impact and the quality evaluators would now be asked to review not only a website’s E-A-T but also the content creators’ E-A-T too. So make sure that you have well-written author boxes to appear for your blog posts, especially if you have multiple contributors. 

The E-A-T guidelines are especially applicable for websites in the medical and health care, legal, and financial field, for which Google wants to make sure that not only the most relevant but also the most accurate information is provided. In terms of trustworthiness, make sure you link external information to authority websites. 

Finally, it is essential to be precise, and double and triple-check the information that you offer to your readers. This way they will gradually build their trust in you as a feasible source for practical solutions, and your blog will eventually start to generate direct traffic because of its authority. 

2.   Be persistent and publish regularly

If you have wonderful things to say but you only say them once in a blue moon, the results will be mediocre. Part of being an authority has to do with consistency and the fact that people not only rely on your information but can get it regularly too. 

Publishing regularly will therefore help the audience to get used to your writing and to your regular presence on their screens. It also helps if you choose a particular day of the week to publish on your blog, so your followers will know and expect each new addition to your platform. 

Of course, how often and when you publish will depend on two things – your resources, and your overall content strategy. Larger companies with marketing departments usually have in-house content writers and can easily afford to publish well-researched and optimized blog content weekly, or even daily. This may not be the case for smaller companies or solopreneurs, who often struggle to publish even once a week, and in those cases, content is often outsourced

In terms of content strategy, you need to establish how the frequency of the blog content factors in with other types of content you may be considering – social media, eBooksguides, video content, etc.

3.   Find your unique voice

Every one of us has a voice. Being a successful blogger has to do with finding your unique voice to influence your audiences. This means maintaining an interesting angle of your writing, which appeals to your readers. 

For example, touching on emotions or personal experiences can make your writing very successful. Some of the most widely known blogs have their own “voice”. The HubSpot blog, for example, is friendly, accessible, but at the same time accurate and concise. The Neil Patel Digital Marketing blog is packed with useful facts, but it contains a very strong personal feel, which makes it relatable and engaging. 

In addition, you can create a style guide for your blog, especially if you have more than one contributor. This will help you find consistency using certain colours, imagery, or even vocabulary, which reflect your organization’s mission, vision, and goals.

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